Garnet Filter Media

Garnet Filter Media

Almandite garnet filter media is a high hardness, high-density granular filter media. It can be used extremely effectively as the lower strata in a dual media filter bed. Its high specific gravity as well as its chemical and abrasive resistance makes almandite garnet filter media ideal for filtration. An effective multi-media filter system will utilize larger sized media on top to filter out the larger particulates and smaller sized media to filter out the smaller particulates. Garnet filter media with its high density is heavier than most other filter media. Garnet’s higher density provides stability within your dual media bed allowing the filter sized garnet to filter down to 10 – 20 micron particulates. Filter sand or anthracite are used effectively as the strata of bed.


  • High specific gravity allows unique filter design
  • In combination with other filter medias, higher flow rates, higher loading and better filtration can be achieved
  • High hardness reduces attrition and provides for years of reliable service
  • An excellent support bed for other high-density medias

Physical Characteristics

  • Color: reddish
  • Bulk Density: 120 – 150 lbs./cu. ft.
  • Specific Gravity: 4.0 - 4.1
  • Effective Size: .20 – 2.5 mm
  • Uniformity Coefficienty: 2.2
  • Mesh Size: #8 - #80
  • Hardness: 7.8 – 8.0 (Mohs scale)

Operational Specifications

  • Bed depth: 3 – 5 in.
  • Freeboard: 40 – 50% of bed depth (min.)
  • Service flow rate: 3 – 5 gpm/sq. ft.
  • Backwash flow rate: 15 – 20 gpm/sq. ft.
  • Backwash expansion rate: 30% of the bed depth

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