With ever increasing governmental regulation, All Service strives to keep our clients informed.

Removal of Radium 226 & 228

Since 2011 stringent regulations have been implemented pertaining to water and wastewater treatment plants. It is imperative that certain protocol is followed when rehabbing a Radium Removal filter or softener.

When Radium 226 & 228 levels are at or above certain levels, All Service has a proprietary in place procedure to lower the existing radium levels which in most cases will allow disposal at local landfills. This eliminates the extremely high cost of disposal at a highly regulated landfill licensed to receive low-level radioactive waste.

Not following the stringent regulations can result in fines and prosecution, can create an environmental liability for the water treatment plant and open up liabilities for landfills who knowingly and unknow

ingly accept the contaminated materials. Thus it is imperative that your contractor of choice be experienced in the Radium removal and handling of Radium 226 & 228 contaminated material.

 All Service will provide appropriately trained personnel and equipment to perform the radiological characterization functions to ensure that worker exposure is kept as low as r

easonably achievable (ALARA) during the radium-contaminated media removal activities.

All Service will perform baseline radiological contamination survey of your facility prior to the start of a project and at the completion of a project to ensure performance of our services, or services performed by others. 

All Service will gather all media samples prior to removal for independent testing by a certified lab to determine the appropriate protocol that shall be followed. Upon completion of our proprietary procedure, and the removal of all materials, additional samples will be collected including but not limited to the required size reduction for the Radium 226 & 228 for testing.

The generator of the Radium contaminated material is liable from cradle to grave.

All Service is your one-stop shop for all your filter needs including Radium 226 & 228 sampling, testing, removal, disposal, and documentation.

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