Filter Management

All Service Filter Management Services Program: 

All Service Contracting Corp. has completed over 14,000 filter beds to date, totaling over 2,500,000 sq.ft.

The filtration process is an essential part for municipalities in providing high quality water meeting today’s regulations. With the budget restraints municipalities are experiencing today, The All Service Filter Management Agreement will remove the worry of going over budget in years to come and ensure that your filters maintain their original specifications.

All Service will provide a Management Agreement to fit your needs for whatever duration is desired.

With our Filter Management Service Agreement we will be able to identify problems before they occur, and then address them accordingly, while keeping you informed all the way, and never burdening you with any additional cost.

With our vast amount of knowledge in the filtration industry, and our relationship with many of the industry manufacturers you can rest assured that our program will protect your filters for decades to come.

Our program meets all GASB 34 requirements for the modified approach as recommended by The American Public Works Association.

Should in the event a catastrophic failure occur to your underdrain system, All Service is in the position to provide the required engineering services, and a complete underdrain system in an expedited manner to get you back up and on line.