Header & Lateral Systems

Header & Lateral Systems

All Service uses its wedge wire screen to manufacture Hub and Lateral assemblies. Typical configurations include both horizontal herring bone style and vertical secured round hub. All Service recognizes the specific needs of each and every customer. With an onsite ability to form wire, our manufacturing is able to control all variables in the wedge wire screen manufacturing process. Standard sized wires are available to complete a full range of wedge wire screen diameters and lengths.

In horizontal installations a main header is typically bolted into a longitudinal vessel. The header is supplied with welded couplings to accept either screen laterals or pipe based screen laterals.

Vertical vessels mounted upright the pattern required of the under drain assembly is round. This style is achieved with a central hub. Again couplings are typically welded to the hub to accept either wedge wire screen laterals or pipe based laterals.

Screen Lateral As an efficient collector, the screen lateral is available in several sizes, with various slots and end fittings. Most commonly, the screen lateral is provided with a solid cap on one end and a threaded pipe connection on the other end.

Pipe Based Lateral Screen laterals are supplied with an internal or external distributor pipe when extra strength and/ or more effective back washing distribution are required.

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